Being a music artist is about having ideals….it’s about communicating those ideals in new and creative ways. Song Cinema Records represents everything that music used to be: Great artwork based on a concept and music that could be listened to straight through from beginning to end.

Being a label is about representing artists that share those ideals and a vision to change the world. Song Cinema intends to change the world with soaring guitars, bold synths, in your face cinematic instruments and passionate vocals.

We look at each album as a story. So, when we look for artists, we already know the story we want to tell. We are committed to making sure that each story has purpose and that it is communicated well.

About Ryan Record

Ryan is the owner of Song Cinema Records. He has been writing music for 15 years and is now building this label to communicate great stories through concept albums. Ryan is trying to partner with great artists and fans that are committed to those values.

Stick around the site and check out what we will be producing in the next couple of years!